7 Reasons You Should Be a Part of Social Media

If you are a social media junkie this list may seem irrelevant. But we all have friends who very condescendingly say they “don’t have time for (insert social site here)”. Now I don’t advocate living more on the internet than in your real life, but the worlds are continually overlapping and you miss out if you aren’t connected. So if this list is obvious to you, share it with your mom or anyone else you wish were more connected. 

  1. Social media is interactive. Email is not dead and it probably never will be, but it is cumbersome. You forward a cool video or some meaningful quote to a bunch of people and mostly it sits in their mailbox no matter how much you threaten them if they don’t forward it to XX number of people. But you post the same quote/video on your Facebook wall and who know who might comment or Like your post. It’s faster and easier to interact with your friends and it doesn’t clog their inbox.
  2. We should help organize the world’s data. I see it more and more, we are all responsible for the world’s data. In the information age, it isn’t realistic for any one institution to manage everything. We can all contribute to Wikipedia and IMDB and we should. Even when we search we help Google to understand what people are looking for. If you have a Gmail account and stay logged into it, Google helps you back.
  3. You have a voice and you know something about something. Not everyone should blog–but why not. Maybe you just get a tumblr and post pictures as you live your life. Maybe you are the one to post pictures in Facebook albums to document events. Share things you are passionate about and you will probably find others who share your passion.
  4. Pay it forward. You are going to need information at some point. Help others out before you need them to help you out. Get a yelp account and tell your favorite restaurant how great they were. Retweet a good deal or coupon you see. Like your friend’s status or profile pic. There is a real person behind almost every bit of information out there. Let them know there information is relevant but please be helpful and kind if you don’t. Web rage doesn’t help anybody.
  5. We are all big brother. Any parent who has a kid on Facebook should be on Facebook themselves. Sure I stalk my kids and my kids friends. And my friends stalk my kids. We all know that. It keeps us all honest. Your virtual life is an extension of your real life. Everyone is watching you in both worlds — be kind and behave.
  6. Everyone else is. It sounds like a good reason not to jump on board–just because everyone else is. But really EVERYONE is jumping into social media. You can get coupons on Twitter, you can see movie trailers on IMDB, Facebook has started renting movies, Hulu shows a lot of recent TV shows you might have missed. Every one of those sites is social and shareable. If you don’t at least wade into the social media shallow end you will find it harder and harder to keep up as technology continues to advance.
  7. It’s fun. Seriously it is. I have reconnected with high school friends. I can keep up with out of town relatives that I rarely see. I can find out who sang that song, who starred in that movie, how to build and repair almost anything in just a couple of clicks. If you don’t believe me sign up for stubleupon and optimize yourself. Let me know a couple of hours later what you think.

There are plenty more reasons to share online and each of these items will eventually become their own post. So what are your favorite reasons for being cyber social?

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