Being Wrong

JosephPearce1I have been on Pinterest for a couple of months now. Yesterday I repinned a really cool quote about living the creative life.

Immediately I got over 20 repins. What the heck!?! I have developed a steady stream of followers and get my fair share of repins but this was a lot. So I had to ask myself, “why?” That self reflection reminded me on why I pinned it in the first place.

I am afraid to blog.

Yep, I started this blog 2 years ago, posted quite a few things this summer and then abruptly stopped in July. Yeah, I got busy. Yeah, I have a daughter graduating from high school and another one in college who lives at home. And yeah, I am running my own freelance business and so is my husband. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am busy and so are the gazillion other women (and men) who blog.

Busy is real but really I am afraid. Afraid of what? Bottom line probably it is just of being wrong. Is it really that simplistic? Why do I have this need of always being right? Most of it points to perfectionism. If I make a mistake, if I am wrong then I have failed. Failed myself. Failed my family and friends. Failed God. I am not sure if other faiths have this problem but from my perspective too many North American Protestants go to great lengths to be perfect in the name of Jesus.

There it is right there. That last sentence, read it again.

That is what I am afraid of, a bold controversial statement. I have a lot of crazy ideas and without a doubt many of them are wrong. But unless I say them out loud (at least digitally) and you and I talk about them (calmly) how can I learn? On the other hand, just because you disagree with me, why do you get to be right and I am wrong. We both could find plenty of examples on either side of that statement.

So I guess that is the other reason I am afraid of blogging. Controversy. A friend of mine shared this video with me.

Such incredible truth. When she told me about it she qualified it with, “The speaker is a little controversial, so be aware”. He’s a Christian writer, thinker, philosopher so of course he’s controversial. Christianity IS controversial. Jesus was incredibly controversial, so much so that people killed him over it. So why as Christians would we feel the need to qualify controversy and why would I shy away from controversy in my blog? Some of it is that I want you to like me. But I think it is really that I like discussion but not arguing. You might not agree with me but don’t get all mean about it and rant about how I am wrong. Even if I am.

But I want this to be a creative geek blog. I want to help people find their way on the world wide web and in other technology and create cool things with cool tools. I am afraid that if I talk about my faith then non believers will not want to read my technical content.


There are no non believers. Clearly a controversial statement, but even atheists believe in something: science, reason. This crazy way of thinking only dates me as being over 30 or 40. Most younger people embrace faith of all kinds. Plus, I can really get geeky about the Bible and the study of faith. See, plenty of blog fodder.

My guess is that like me, there are a lot of people who let their fear of being wrong stop them from being creative and thus so many pins on Pinterest. Do you know about It is this really cool social network of pictures. Lots of cool things from food to design to outdoors. Be careful. It’s addictive.

See there you go back to the geek. If you are fighting the fear of being wrong let me know in the comments. If you think I’m wrong let me know that too. I can take it, I am blogging about the creative life.

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    We’re all wrong about something or other: it’s part of what makes us human. It’s also part of growth. If we fail to take risks for fear of being wrong, we’re not really living to our fullest potential.