Charles Mingus said, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”  My goal is to bring geek speak to the average person in  way they can understand.

I speak geek. I have been using a computer since the dawn of time. 1984. I can make my way through the foreign language of webcode and have a meaningful conversation with IT boys and geekgirls. I like to translate geek so I can help people figure it out for themselves and get things done.

I love power tools and philosophy and catch myself becoming an armchair filmmaker and theologian. If I were male you might call me a Renaissance man but I am really just a mom who likes to make stuff.

I am not a expert but I do have experience. I hope I can help you find cool ways to consume and create all things geek.

This site is for diy geek but if you need to hire me to help you create a place for your message check out my work experience at pixelpincher.com.