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Being Wrong

I have been on Pinterest for a couple of months now. Yesterday I repinned a really cool quote about living the creative life. Immediately I got over 20 repins. What the heck!?! I have developed a steady stream of followers and get my fair share of repins but this was a lot. So I had […]

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The new face of viral video

In the last week I have seen two really good examples of viral video as advertising. This concept has been around for a long time–remember Burger King’s Subservient Chicken campaign–but these two videos really struck me as taking the genre up a notch–not your standard YouTube fare. The first one started a few of weeks […]

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WordPress Kindergarten: Posts vs. Pages

According to , the two distinct differences between posts and pages is that: Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page or on the posts page if you have set one in Settings > Reading. While pages are: Pages are static and are not listed by date. Pages do […]

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WordPress Kindergarten: Dashboard

This video shows only the tabs and sections that will be covered in the WordPress Kindergarten tutorial. Here are a list of the tabs that are covered. Pages Posts Pictures & Media Categories Tags Menu Widgets Plugins Get Social

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WordPress Kindergarten: Log In

So you have this great new wordpress website. You made it, someone made it for you, or you just haven’t addend content in a while. Now what do you do? How do you start adding all this great content? Easy. All WordPress logins are the same. You type in: That is “yourwebsite” being the […]

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WordPress Kindergarten

You’re not a dummy. You’re just a beginner. You have this great new Wordpress website but you don’t know how to add content. This series of 12 short videos will get every beginner started using Wordpress 3. (more)

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7 Reasons You Should Be a Part of Social Media

If you are a social media junkie this list may seem irrelevant. But we all have friends who very condescendingly say they “don’t have time for (insert social site here)”. Now I don’t advocate living more on the internet than in your real life, but the worlds are continually overlapping and you miss out if […]

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Glossary and Terms

Very boring title. But sometimes I like to use big, ACT, technical words and I also have a tendency to invent all new words and phrases, so here is the catchall page for words or phrases I feel like might need more clarification. Hopefully I will keep this page up to date but if you […]

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Where it begins

This is my first post. I wonder where it will lead.

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